HONG KONG IMS Digital Ventures, the venture building arm of Integrated Management Systems, one of the leading digital transformation agencies in Asia, has joined the Global Startup Studio Network (GSSN).

GSSN is a highly-curated community of the world’s pre-eminent venture studios with over 30 members across the globe.

“Becoming a GSSN Studio is an incredible honor for our organisation and an accolade for our work in the last few years during which we incubated and powered five very strong tech startups”, said Anastasios Papadopoulos, founder and CEO of IMS.

“We are strongly rooted in the APAC region. By partnering with the other GSSN members in other parts of the world, we want to turbocharge our existing ventures and upcoming new investments”, said Dennis Plomp, Head of IMS DV. “At the same time, we would like to help GSSN on its journey to making the studio model the gold standard for startup creation.”

“GSSN is excited to welcome IMS Digital Ventures to the GSSN Community. As a highly curated community of the world’s best and brightest startup studios, we’re lucky to welcome such a collaborative group and regional leader in IMS.,” said Nick Zasowski, director of GSSN. “With such strong roots in APAC, it’ll be fun to watch the IMS impact in Asia and its support on a global scale to create great startups that build and develop lasting ecosystems.”

About GSSN

The Global Startup Studio Network (www.gssn.co) exists to connect the leading startup studios around the world. Through GSSN, venture studios share ideas, expand their networks, and raise capital for and promote their portfolio companies. GSSN is fully owned and operated by GAN.

About IMS Digital Ventures (IMS DV)

IMS Digital Ventures (www.imsdv.com) is the venture building arm of IMS, Hong Kong’s leading Digital Transformation Agency with over 300 employees in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Singapore. At IMS Digital Ventures, we build revolutionary new ventures with Asia’s most influential corporations and disruptive entrepreneurs.

Visit website: https://www.imanagesystems.com/

Follow us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/integrated-management-systems-ims-hk-ltd.

For more information, please contact Dennis Plomp at IMS Digital Ventures by email at dennisplomp@imsdv.com or telephone +852 3611 0130.

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