Our Expertise

We are Venture Builders

Venture Builders are visionaries. They see potential in business ideas and thoughtfully transform them into disruptive business models with the power to reinvent industries. Agents of change,  constantly nose-to-the-ground, sniffing the field for new opportunities. Our Venture Builders are in charge of developing digital, operational, and marketing frameworks that allow ventures to thrive from day 1 all the way to IPO.

We are Software Engineers

Our engineering team has experience on working on hundreds of projects. Our large presence both in China and Hong Kong puts us in a unique position when it comes to navigating both inside and outside the Firewall. Our product, test engineers and front-end engineers use cutting-edge and custom technologies to imagine, build and launch breakthrough digital businesses that disrupt markets and generate untold value for business and consumers alike.

We are Business Intelligence and Data Scientists

Our Data Scientists unlock opportunities for our businesses while driving value from data insights. Through extensive use of predictive analytics, machine learning and advanced simulation we turn data into our competitive advantage and help our companies disrupt their industry.

We are Growth Marketers

Customers are the focal point of every business. We believe in creating lasting connections with our audiences while enhancing the overall experience of our products.

With extensive experience launching disruptive startups in both China and abroad, our growth marketing teams work closely with our data analysts to consistently make the right decisions for the businesses we managed. We use the most advanced technological solutions in our digital marketing strategies to create efficiencies and optimize ROI for our brands.

We are Operational Specialists

Operational excellence is key to a successful venture. At IMS DV our Finance, Legal, and Human Resource teams work hand in hand while using the latest tools and technologies to enable efficiencies while minimizing costs and errors. This force from within allows our entrepreneurs to focus on changing the world instead of firefighting operational issues.

 Let’s reinvent the world together