At IMS Digital Ventures, we build revolutionary new ventures with Asia's most influential corporations and disruptive entrepreneurs.


IMS Digital Ventures joins Global Start-up Studio Network (GSSN)


Proactive approach to identify, prioritize and prevent cyber attacks with end-to-end advisory & software.


State-of-the-art, AI-driven real estate software solution, Property Raptor continues to innovate.


OrgHive plays a crucial role in supporting organic brands to strategize and verify authenticity as they enter the competitive Chinese market.

IMS Digital Ventures is the venture building arm of

Integrated Management Systems, Hong Kong’s

Leading Digital Transformation Agency

We Invest

Supporting those who dare to change the world.

We Build

Empowering entrepreneurs through our expertise, innovation and resources.

We Achieve

Leading the visionary from incubation to exit.


How We Turn Ideas into

Successful Companies

Spearheading the new generation of corporate venturing in Asia, IMS Digital Ventures helps entrepreneurs and multinationals disrupt their industries with groundbreaking innovations. We bring your vision to life while using our experience to fine-tune your idea, architect and build the technology and help you raise external capital at the best possible valuation.

We see the project through and help you move from paper to product to business in less than 12 months. We will cross the finish line together.

Venture Building

Transforming potential business ideas into disruptive business models with the power to reinvent industries

Software Engineering

Our advanced software engineers design, develop, and implement enterprise-level solutions with cutting-edge and custom technologies

Business Intelligence and Data Science

Unlocking opportunities through extensive use of data insights

Growth Marketing

Creating valuable connections with audiences using the most advanced technical systems to serve on the execution of the digital marketing strategies


Collaborative teams using their expertise, resources and networks to fine-tune and execute the sales and delivery strategies


Our in-house specialists support the venture's vital back-office functions including Finance, Legal, PR, HR, Fundraising and Investor Relations


Acuity Commerce

An all-in-one ecommerce solution enabling brands to grow their Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) business at scale via professional services that support world-class ecommerce technology, impactful digital marketing, and advanced data analytics.



End-to-end cybersecurity advisory and software designed to help companies be secure by understanding, managing and predicting cyber threats.



A social and content platform that empowers Chinese consumers to verify the authenticity of organic products thanks to underlying blockchain technology.
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Property Raptor

Salesforce-powered CRM software for real estate agents and agencies, designed to help nurture relationships, automate sales, and close more deals.



SaaS-based web management platform featuring fully customized CMS, extensive e-commerce functionality and full API connectivity with third party service providers.



Advanced management software to equip day-spas with the right tools to effectively support real-time bookings, rooms and inventory, CRM, marketing, loyalty programs and more.

Let’s reinvent the world together.