Digital Ventures

For Those Who Dare

to Change The World

IMS DV is the venture capital arm of Integrated Management Systems, a Hong Kong and China-based digital transformation firm.

We empower entrepreneurs through our expertise, innovation and resources.

We guide the daring from incubation to IPO.

We leverage state-of-the-art technology to help seedlings and multi-nationals disrupt their industry while sharing the risks and upside through corporate venturing.

What we do

At IMS Digital Ventures, we build revolutionary new ventures with Asia’s most influential corporations and disruptive entrepreneurs. We bring your vision to life while using our experience to fine tune your idea and reach the best possible valuation.

We see the project through and help you move from paper to product to business in less than 12 months. We will cross the finish line together.

Recent Ventures

IMS Spa Software

Become a better manager with IMS Spa Software.


Facilitate authenticity of organic products using blockchain technologies.


A customer-centric property management software.


Unrivalled functionality. Unparalleled user experience.

 Let’s reinvent the world together.

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